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As an Australian artist living in Austin, Texas, my work had definitely been strongly influenced by my surroundings and those I am surrounded by. I have been living and working in Austin for almost 6 years now, after finishing up my Fine Arts degree from The Victorian Collage of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia.


My body of work has developed over the last year or two and become what is now, I believe, my distinctive style and a genuine version of me and the creative expression I aim to embody. I have always had a very feminine influenced style, even when I wasn’t aware of it. The addition of the female figure was a natural development from the work I was previously creating. In todays world, the advancements of women’s rights is so prevalent and my way of communicating my viewpoint is highlighted through the use of the female figure. The addition of embroidery was also another natural development, with a background in fashion design and illustration, it was the next obvious step to explore. 


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